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greenhouses individually designed

Steel          Hot galvanized        Safety Glas         Isolation       

Event location for your celebration


Celebrate your event in a beautiful orangery or let your plants overwinter in a stylish setting. 

The orangeries can be used in a variety of ways, as an event space for a variety of events or simply as a private garden house, with sophistication.

Our orangeries and English greenhouses are made of solid steel, completely hot-dip galvanized and powder-coated in the color of your choice and fitted with safety glazing.

You can buy your individual orangery from us.

We manufacture your individual orangery / garden house according to your needs.


made of steel and glass

 Greenhouse         Delivery         Construction        Building permission

Greenhouses for your plants

"The orangeries are flooded with light due to their full glazing and are an absolute eye-catcher!"

We manufacture the orangery or greenhouse according to your wishes, take over the planning, the creation of all drawings, the application for the building permit, the static calculation, the production, delivery and the turnkey construction at your site.

If the orangery is to be made less in the Baroque style and more in the Art Deco style, we will be happy to make the appropriate suggestions and designs for you.

We deliver worldwide.

All of our solid orangeries can be completely fitted with safety glass or double glazing.

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