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fireplaces individually designed

natural stone          English          French          Ornate          puristic          Colonial         

puristic to pompous


You can choose your favorite marble fireplace from hundreds of different fireplace surrounds. We have very simple English-style fireplaces but also very pompous surrounds with columns and statues of over 300 cm in height and more. Please ask for our overviews of all fireplaces!

are made of solid steel, completely hot-dip galvanized and powder-coated in the color of your choice. We manufacture the orangeries from various modules that can be combined, expanded and changed as required. This enables an individual production of your orangery / garden house according to your needs.

Of course, a completely individual custom-made product is also possible.


made of natural stone

natural stone          English          French          Ornate          puristic          Colonial         

Hundreds of models

The individual modules can be changed in size and ornamentation. You can even design your own personal ornamentation for your orangery with us. If the orangery is to be made less in the baroque style, but more in the ArtDeco style, we will be happy to make you the appropriate suggestions and designs.

"The chimney surrounds are made of high quality with great attention to detail"

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