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building elements made of natural stone

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With great attention to detail 


bei our building elements you will find other products, which are also made of natural stone and which are also housed in the house. You will find fireplaces, marble floors with filigree patterns, columns and balustrades, bathtubs, reliefs, portals and pillars for entrance gates. 


We manufacture each component precisely to measure. The marble fireplaces are made exactly to the dimensions of your existing fireplace. A marble floor is also cut out using a high-pressure water jet after the floor plan has been precisely measured. The columns are made by hand according to the respective room height. 


made of natural stone 

chimneys          Säulen          Portale          marble floor          

Endless Possibilities

"All the details of the fireplace are made with a lot of love."

Our marble floors are all cut out under high pressure using a water jet process. In this way, filigree patterns can be cut out. We will work with you to design your marble floor individually. For this purpose, the premises are precisely measured beforehand and, for example, the borders of a pattern are adapted exactly to the floor plan.


You can choose your preferred fireplace from several hundred different fireplace surrounds. We have very simple English-style fireplaces but also very pompous surrounds with columns and statues of over 300 cm in height and more. Please ask for our overviews of all fireplaces!

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